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Energy Performance Certificates for Rented Dwellings in Scotland


Landlords here is the overview of the Proposals by the Scottish Government for Private Rentals



The Energy Efficiency Regulations for private rental properties in Scotland  - Update

You will remember in March 2020 Elmhurst advised that the Energy Efficiency Regulations for Private Rental housing in Scotland had been delayed.

The Regulations which aimed to improve the energy efficiency of Private Rental Sector (PRS) housing by prohibiting the letting of F and G rated properties, were due to come in to force on the 01 April 2020 and be implemented from the 01 October 2020.  At this time the Housing Minister for Scotland announced the delay of the Regulations due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elmhurst has been actively seeking an update on the situation.  They have recently been advised by Better Homes Division (Scotland) that the Regulations have clearly not been launched yet and PRS housing will not be subject to the minimum standard from the 01 October 2020. Work on the Regulations will commence once COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease.

We will contact you further with more information and guidance as and when it becomes available.

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Scottish Properties

Owners of Scottish properties should be aware that there are new requirements for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) which were introduced 01 October 2012.  


  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have been a legal requirement in Scotland for all new tenancies from 4 January 2009.  Existing tenancies do not require an EPC until they come up for re-let.


  • In addition to showing an Energy Performance Certificate to a prospective purchaser or tenant, a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate must also be given to the incoming tenant of a property at the earliest opportunity preferable before viewing of the dwelling and must be produced to the tenant on demand, free of charge.


  • Failure to provide an Energy Performance Certificate will result in a fine being imposed on the owner of the property which is subject to a residential rental agreement.  The provision of EPCs is enforced by the Trading Standards department of the Local Authority.


  •  If they receive a complaint that an EPC has not been provided they can impose a £200 fixed penalty charge for each breach.  In addition to paying the penalty notice, the landlord will still have to provide an Energy Performance Certificate to the tenant.


  • All Energy Performance Certificates must contain a note of cost effective and technically feasible recommendations for improving a property’s energy efficiency.  This information will be accompanied by a Report providing details of any recommendations.


Visit: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/   





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January 2013

  • A seller, or prospective landlord, will need to include the EPC rating for their property in any advertisement including newspaper, property schedules and internet advertising.


  • Anyone who has obtained a valid Energy Performance Certificate before the changes on 01 October 2012 become effective will not require amending or renewing their Energy Performance Certificate.  


  • The original will remain valid for ten years, even though it does not comply with the new requirements.  


  • Any and all Energy Performance Certificates dated 01 October 2012 onward must comply with the new regulations to ensure they are in line with the relevant EU Directives.

All EPCs are registered as official documents with the Scottish EPC Register.


Further information: The Scottish Government Guidance for Private Landlords on the Provision of EPC(s) in Existing Dwellings:



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