ENERGY REPORT explained by your local Energy Assessor Inverness & Highland

“Use less Energy, save Money and help protect the Environment”


"Inverness Energy Report - improve your energy efficiency in the Highlands"

The Recommendations Report gives you information about what energy efficiency measures you can undertake to improve the Energy use and Carbon Dioxide Emissions (CO2).

  • A Recommendations Report forms part of the Energy Performance Certificate with suggestions to reduce Energy use and CO2s; these could indicate various home improvements, such as Wall & Loft Insulation, possible Cost Savings per year if the improvements are made and how the Property Ratings would change.


The Report includes cost-effective recommendations:

  • Lower cost improvements typically up to £500; and
  • Higher cost improvements typically over £500 

The Report also includes Further Measures that are more advanced energy improvements, that could be made to reach the highest possible energy efficiency standards. Many of these improvements are expensive and may have a longer pay back period.


Cost-effective recommendations could include:

  • Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI)
  • Low Energy Lighting (LEL)
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)
  •  Loft Insulation (LI)
  •  New Boiler
  •  Install Double Glazing


Consideration should be given to estimated running costs as they are based on:

  • Standard assumptions about the property, including how many people will live there and how long the heating is on each day; and
  • The actual energy you will use in running a property will depend on how the property is used, for example how long the heating is turned on for, and whether lights and appliances are left on.
  •  Average fuel prices when the Energy Performance Certificate was produced as the EPC could be up to 10 years old.  Check the date on the EPC as it is valid for 10 years from the time of issue by the Domestic Energy Assessor.
  • The impacts of the fuels used for cooking and running appliance are not included; nor are the costs associated with service, maintenance and safety inspections.


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